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How to solve the problem of printing white paper on mobile phone charging cabinet

At present, most of the mobile phone charging cabinets in the market are bar code systems. The bar code system is easy to operate, and the management is relatively simple. This method has been favored so far. Let's review the usage of the bar code system. First, press and save to display the bar code. Paper, and then store the items in the closed cabinet door, you need to scan the code when you can open the door, close the cabinet door after use, I believe we will use.
But recently, some managers have feedback with us, saying that the bar code paper from my mobile phone charging cabinet is blank. What is going on here? There are two situations where this problem usually occurs.
The first one is not installed. When we use a better bar code, we need to insert the bar code paper into the outlet around the drum. For some novice friends, they don't know it. This results in the lack of installation. The situation, then this time the bar code paper did not pass through the printing area is definitely white, and the solution to this problem is very simple, according to the Xiaobian just say operation can be.
charging cabinet
The second type: The printing equipment is not inked. If we find that our bar code system appears to be white when managing, we can check the first possibility. Then we need to check whether the printing function of our mobile charging cabinet is not without ink. If it is determined to be absent, we can purchase it at a stationery store and then install it. It is very simple.

Usually, the problem of white paper on mobile charging cabinet printing is caused by one of the two. Of course, system failure cannot be ruled out, but the frequency of system failure problems is very low, if it is a system problem. We need to contact the factory so that they send technical personnel to help us solve.

charging cabinet

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