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Roadside Solar Mobile Charging Station


Tb Series Charging Stations

The streets of this world have become more and more crowded, and there is less and less space for "convenience" - we have become increasingly difficult to find toilets. Similarly, when the mobile phone is out of power, it seems that it is increasingly difficult to find a charge. The place...PENSA studio Street Charge solar mobile phone charging station may provide a rare convenience.

Simply put, this cargo shape is like a street light, a pole only, does not take up space, but there is a solar battery on top, there is a battery, USB power plug and a small table in the middle, during the day when the mobile phone is out of power, You can buy a cup of coffee leisurely, and then connect the mobile phone to the USB port for emergency power supply. At night, this product can provide real lighting function. In the future, with the center, PENSA will also expand in this “pole”. WIFI hotspots, automatic drinks vending machines and other functional modules provide more convenience.

Charging Locker

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